In the Name of God

Food is of great importance in farming the aquatic, as using the proper food with a high quality is a guarantee to be successful in producing and achieving the desired efficiency. Using the proper food with the required physical properties along with the proper schedule for feeding and the sufficient consumed food certainly will lead to reach the enough  growth, resistance against the diseases and reaching the desired weight.

Nowadays, the nutrition science of the Aquatic has been improved significantly, correctly using the nutrition science in farming the aquatic, this profession maybe  become economic. Food of the Farming aquatic is different from the aquatic which live in nature, for feeding  the farming aquatic, we try to produce the food not only having all nutrition required for  the aquatic’s  growth but also being economical with low cost.

In aquatic farming, the cost of food is 70% of the whole cost. Therefore, Knowing the nutritional needs of the aquatic and providing a food with high quality and quantity to reach the highest growth function are necessary.

This matter leads to reduce the costs of farming and increase the profit. Regarding the high expense of food in aquatic farming industry and its effect on the price of the product , presenting a proper solution for improving the conditions is necessary.

Raman Aquatic Industry

Raman Aquatic Industry ,with the slogan of ” Global Thought, Native Production”  has started its activity in the area of producing the food of aquatic, since 2017. Raman Aquatic Industry, has started its activity in the area of producing the food of aquatic and pets, due to have the valuable experiences in the area of producing and distributing the food of animal and poultry, with the good name. This Company, with trust in the Almighty God, makes an attempt to produce the native products, according to the Global Standard, by utilizing the new generation of the machines for producing the aquatic’s food employing the specialized and experienced employees, as well as using the best materials and supplements, towards providing the best and  most economical food for aquatic.

Our goal is to please you. It is hoped that you support us by giving the  feedback to encourage us in improving our products.

Managing Director

Raman Aquatic Industries

Gholamreza Pakray (Eng.)