Ornamental Fish

Home Aquarium has become popular more than 50 years, it was common after the second world war, at the time that aviation industry was popular. Nowadays, it is common to produce and export all kinds of ornamental fishes in some  tropical and cool countries.

Over the last decades, in Iran, aquarium was used in home and as a recreation. Over the recent years, aquarium has become an industry, through a technology of production and farming the ornamental fishes in this country.

It must be noted that ornamental fishes’ food must similar to their food in the natural environment. The fishes differ from each other in terms of nutrition and each species have a special food. The fishes of the same species maybe have different  food habits in different ages. Generally fishes are classified in two groups: Carnivore  and Herbivore.

Feeding of such fishes is the most important due to great variety of their species and nutrition needs. The new technology used for producing the extruded food makes it possible to prepare the food with the desired density.

(floating, immersion and deposit), on the other hand, new rationing methods makes us capable of supplying the maximum nutrition needs of the ornamental fishes.

Special for Aquatics

Raman Extruded Food is the best choice for the ornamental fishes’ food due to the following reasons:

-Proper Growth factor

-As  the aquarium is a closed environment , the food must create the least pollution.

-Extruded food particles are not detached even after depositing in the aquarium bed , due to have a high consistence and stability.

-As the aquarium fishes do not access to alive food in their environment, the extruded food supplies all nutrition needs  of the ornamental fishes , due to have the most  absorption capability

-Increasing the fishes’ resistance against the probable stress such as disease and stress resulted from cleaning the aquarium .

-Having a pigment in order to increase the quality and quantity of the fishes’ color

ornamental fishes
Ornamental Fishes

Analysis of the Extruded Food, Special for the Ornamental Fishes




Humidity (Maximum)






Fat (maximum)



Fiber (maximum)



Cinder (maximum)